Terms of Sale

By making a purchase, you are accepting these terms.

We guarantee live arrival of your reptiles unless the shipment is delayed or mishandled by the shipper.

Unless otherwise stated and agreed upon in advance (and in writing), we guarantee that all captive bred animals are healthy (to the best of our knowledge) and feeding at the time of sale. WC imports will NOT carry this guarantee.

For door-to-door shipments you must be available to sign for the animal at the time of delivery. We do not guarantee live arrival for animals left by a door. All shipments must be opened and inspected immediately upon arrival.

We generally do not ship animals when the temperature is under 32 or over 90 degrees (F). Shipments made under these conditions are at the sole discretion of the buyer and will not carry our live arrival guarantee.

Animals are 100% guaranteed to be properly sexed unless otherwise noted (ex. some species are difficult to sex; they will be sold as “probable sexed” or “unknown” and it will be stated in the ad)

All genetics stated are guaranteed by Outback Reptiles. We do not guarantee genetics for third party sales (example: we sell an animal to Bob, and Bob sells you an animal that he says came from us- we will not extend our guarantee as we cannot be responsible for Bob’s integrity).

We guarantee that all captive bred animals are feeding regularly at the time of sale.  We do not guarantee that an animal will feed under your care.  All of our animals are fed appropriately sized live mice and/or rats in their permanent enclosure. On some occasions we will feed frozen/thawed meals, but this is an exception to our usual live feeding policy.

While our breeding facility is not open to the public we may arrange to meet with our customers so they can inspect an animal prior to the sale. We are also glad to meet you at any of the reptile trade shows we attend.

Animals purchased from Outback Reptiles are not guaranteed once they are in your care. This is simply due to the fact that we no longer have any control over the animal, so we cannot be held responsible if something should happen after we have trusted you with taking care of the animal. This is the single most difficult aspect of a snake purchase/sale. An animal that fails to thrive in the days or weeks following their purchase is a point of strong opinions for both parties involved in the transaction; buyers are left without a reptile or their money and the seller cannot account for the conditions under which the animal was kept after the sale. This is true even when the animal is sold to an experienced keeper.

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Please be sure the animal you purchase is the one you want.

Due to the sensitive nature of Green Tree Pythons and the apparent inability/unwillingness of many keepers to properly care for them, we offer ZERO guarantees on green tree pythons. We hate to say this but we have had too many cases where customers have come back to us for a refund after killing their chondro with improper husbandry. We are happy to provide feeding records, video proof of them feeding, as many pictures as you want (within reason) before purchase, and any questions answered and help given with properly caring for them- but once a green tree python leaves our building it is your responsibility.

We reserve the right to decline any order/request for sale.

You must notify us within 24 hours of delivery of any problems. If something is not correct you need to call us immediately. Do not send an email without also calling us on the phone. Photographic evidence of any problems will be required.

The legality of owning a reptile in your state and/or city is your responsibility.  We do our very best to check up on local laws, but it is not possible for Outback Reptiles to know what rules exist for every county and city in the country so you will need to determine if owning a reptile in your area is within the law. We will absolutely not break any laws, regardless of whether or not you personally agree with them.

We do not sell reptiles to persons under 18 years of age unless their parent provides consent.


We offer no guarantee after picking an animal up at a reptile show or here in person. You have the opportunity to examine the animal in person and determine for yourself that the animal is healthy and in good shape. After the animal leaves our care we have no control over that animal so we cannot be held accountable for it.

We will do our best to help with proper care, advice, etc. But in the end it is your responsibility to do as much research as possible on how to properly take care of your reptile. Sometimes you may find different info on an animal as there is a vast amount of information available on the internet, some of it conflicting and some of it more or less accurate than other info.

We recommend that if there is a question, ask us as we are experienced in keeping these animals and we know what works for us. We would rather have you follow the advice we give, based on the fact that it is proven to work here for us, rather than attempt to do things differently at the risk of the animal’s health.


Payment plans can be arranged, according to our discretion.

50% nonrefundable deposit to hold any animal. Plans must be paid in full within 4 weeks or we will relist the animals for sale. We reserve the right to refuse payment plans for any reason, although usually this will be because we know an animal will sell quickly. We will not give any special deals or quantity discounts if you are paying on a payment plan.

Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If we are holding an animal, we are missing out on other possible sales so please be absolutely sure you want the animal before you place a deposit on one.

These terms are subject to change at any time without notice.