About Outback Reptiles

Outback Reptiles is one of the larger reptile breeder / importer / wholesalers in the United States. We primarily breed Ball Pythons and Rainbow Boas, with a few other side projects including scaleless ratsnakes, blue tongue skinks, emerald tree boas, woma pythons, sand boas and many more. We are also well known for importing various reptiles and amphibians from all over the world. We keep a large inventory of assorted captive bred and wild caught reptiles for sale, between our breeding facility in Haymarket, VA and our separate import / wholesale facility in Manassas, VA.

We are primarily an online business, as we do not have a public reptile shop. We do attend many reptile shows and expo’s in the Mid Atlantic region, between New York and North Carolina. For a full list of shows we will be attending, visit our Reptile Shows page here.

Outback Reptiles is run by a core group of men and women who operate more like a family than a business. We are in this industry because it is our passion and we love to have fun while following our reptile dreams. To meet our family, check out our Crew page here.

Notable Achievements

Panda Pied ball python

Panda Pied Ball Python

Outback Reptiles is well known as the originator of many exciting captive breeding projects in the Ball Python and Rainbow Boa hobby. Perhaps our biggest, most well known achievement is that we are the originator of the Panda Pied ball python project. We hatched out the first one in 2008 and have been producing healthy Pandas ever since.

We were the first to produce / or original importer of many well established genetic projects today including:

  • Black Pastel (Importer)
  • Silver Streak (First)
  • Toffee (Importer)
  • Candy (Importer)
  • Jester (Importer)
  • Black Belly (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Sunset (Importer)
  • Red Stripe (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Honey (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Cypress (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Pink Ghost (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Whiplash/Jolt (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Cinder (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Orange Dream (Importer)
  • Thinstripe (Importer/Project Originator)
  • Black Granite (Importer/Project Originator)
  • And many more projects.
albino brazilian rainbow boa

Albino Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Along with these exciting Ball Python projects, we are also the originator of the Albino Brazilian Rainbow Boa project and the Leucistic Colombian rainbow Boa projects. We imported the original animals and through captive breeding, have established the largest collection of Rainbow Boas in the world. We produce litters of Albino Brazilians and Leucistic Colombian rainbows every year, so keep an eye on our online shop if you’re interested in acquiring your own.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

To see Outback Reptiles reviews on Morphmarket, click here.

Outback Reptiles Reviews

Outback Reptiles Reviews on Morphmarket.com

Here are a selection of customer reviews taken from our Google review pages:

  • “Ordered my first ball python from Mike at Outback and I am so pleased. The animal arrived well packaged, in excellent health. He is everything depicted and more. Mike was communicative and careful about shipping times, and very patient with my busy schedule so I could sign for the package when it arrived. So far, the bp has been docile and inquisitive as well as, simply stunning. Thank you Mike!”
    – Mia E.
  • “Mike is the best to work with and absolutely love the way he post pictures of his individual reptiles so you can hand pick the one you want. He answers every time I call and always answers any questions you have. His snakes are always healthy and vibrant even after a long travel out here to Cali. I ordered two snakes one a pied ball and the other a Colombia red tail and couldn’t be more happier or say enough good things about Mike, his animals or even the way he does business. Mike you are awesome thanks again and will be buying from you again and again.”
    – Chuck I.
  • I received a beautiful mossy leaf tail female from outback, she came nice and plump! She was also packed away so well that she was still cool to the touch in the texas summer! Will be buying another female if outback still has em’ next this Friday, payday, thanks!
    – C. Parks