Whiplash Ball Pythons

Whiplash Project

Whiplash is the result of a new codominant gene we are calling “Jolt,” bred into Black Pastel. This is an “Acts Like Super” type animal where a Whiplash will produce only Jolt and Black Pastel offspring. We named the project after this combo because it was the first animal that we produced with the gene that revealed to us that it was something new. The original Jolt was a Black-Pastel-Like animal we imported from Africa and held back to breed. We paired it with a black pastel and we were quite surprised when that first Whiplash crawled out of its egg.

Since then we have focused all our breeding efforts on putting the Jolt gene into our Panda Pied project with the intent of producing Whiplash Pieds, so at the moment we have produced a handful of Whiplash and Jolt possible het pieds so far.

Click Here to see our available Whiplash Ball Pythons.

Jolt (Base Gene – a.k.a. “Het Whiplash”)

Jolt is the heterozygous form of Whiplash. It is a visual het, that looks like a less extreme version of a black pastel. Whiplash is the “Acts Like Super” form of Jolt bred with Black Pastel, and will only make Jolt or Black pastel babies at the very minimum. We have not yet produced a “Super Jolt” Whiplash but we are excited to see what happens with that combo soon.

Paradox Whiplash

This is a pretty cool animal- a Paradox Whiplash! You can see orange Black Pastel pattern showing through. This also happens to be a more hgeavily patterned variation of Whiplash – some are buttery solid and smooth transitions of black and grey, while some retain as little bit of a side pattern as seen here.


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