Cinder Project

Cinder Project

Cinder is a codominant gene that we have been working with since around 2005-2006 or so. It has an incredible super form and produces many fantastic combinations with other genes.

This gene may be similar to the mahogany gene, but injected with rocket fuel. The single base gene and the super form both resemble what the mahogany does, but the combos are absolutely insane. At the bottom of this page are samples of some of the fantastic designer combinations we have produced with Cinder to date.

Cinder (Base Gene)

This is a single gene Cinder. It is a dark gene that tends to have a light brown head, a lot of blushing and noticeable side flames. Many of these exhibit a fair amount of granite influence. We have both male and female single gene cinders available, as well as some that carry various recessive genes.

Silver Cinder

Silver Cinder is the result of combining Cinder + Black Pastel + Pastel. In other words, a Pewter Cinder. However, instead of producing what one might expect from a Pewter Cinder, we were surprised with these beautiful solid silver animals we call Silver Cinders. Since it is a triple-codom morph, anybody can produce more Silver Cinders by simply breeding one to even a normal animal. Put simply, one male Silver Cinder can reproduce many more by breeding him into any female ball python at your disposal. I’d recommend one to anybody looking to purchase their first Cinder combo.