Can you say Microgecko?



Today I checked on our lizard / gecko incubator and was surprised to find two of the absolute tiniest geckos I have ever seen- Lygodactylus conraui hatchlings! About 80-90 days ago I collected a few eggs that a recent group of imports had produced for us, set them inside a deli cup in the incubator, and pretty much forgot about them. Sometimes eggs from fresh imported geckos can go either way so I did not really get my hopes up.

But hey, turns out luck was on our side today! Two beautiful little baby geckos entered the world. I took some quick macro photos, set them up in their own mansion of an enclosure (a 16 oz deli cup) and gave them a quick spritz of water and some fruit flies. They immediately started chowing down on the flies; a running start at a healthy life!

Hope you enjoy these pictures more than I enjoyed trying to corral these tiny little geckos to get the shots.