A WILD Lunch break (Hawk and Kestrel Photography!)

Whenever I am going out to grab lunch, meet a client, or run an errand, I always make sure to bring my camera along with me. Today that practice paid off- On my way back from picking up an italian hoagie, I stumbled across a perfect wildlife photography opportunity. Somewhere between the sub shop and the snake shop I spotted not one but TWO North American Kestrels perched in a tree along the side of a field near our warehouse.

So naturally, I careened across traffic, pulled an arguably legal U-turn, swung over to the side of the road and within a few minutes I rattled off a couple dozen shots of these little miniature hawks.

After I was done photographing them I also managed to grab a quick shot of a Red Tailed Hawk in mid flight, along with its mate that was circling nearby. Talk about a productive lunch break! Four birds of prey photographed in 5 minutes. It doesn’t usually get any better than that! Except that it did – I also got a bonus shot of a low flying helicopter, complete with mean-mugging pilot staring at me from inside. Probably wondering why I’m pointing this gigantic, obnoxious camera up at him.

Enjoy the photos and perhaps consider bringing your camera along with you on your next lunch break – you never know what good luck will fall in your lap.