Red Biak Green Tree Python


Red Biak Green Tree Python


Biak Green Tree Python – Unsexed Neonate

Red neonate. Farmed/Ranched import from Indonesia. Great looking red baby that should transition into a spectacular adult.

This animal seems healthy and has been pretreated for external parasites. He or She is feeding on live or f/t fuzzy mice.

It has the typical appropriate temperament one would expect in a Green Tree Python. It does not like handling and should not be handled unless necessary. I do not typically handle Green Tree Pythons other than for purposes of moving them for photos, cage cleaning, or medical checkup situations. If you intend to “tame” this animal or ask me questions along that line then I will probably tell you that the animal has already been sold.

Green Tree Pythons are an advanced species. I recommend only seasoned keepers with experience keeping Green Tree Pythons purchase this snake. It looks great and I believe it will thrive under proper conditions but I am offering absolutely no guarantee on this animal whatsoever due to its fragile nature and the apparent unwillingness of many keepers to give these animals the care they need. I highly discourage the use of glass “tank” enclosures of any kind for Green Tree Pythons as the range of conditions in which they work well are specific and narrow. I encourage the use of plastic or wooden enclosures with either a radiant heat panel or a heat pad. A 6-12qt rack system works great for babies as well.

It is unfortunate that I have the need for this policy, and if you are concerned about it then I would strongly encourage you to order from someone else who is more willing to risk their animals’ health with inexperienced buyers.

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