Platinum Reticulated Python – Male 3


Platinum Reticulated Python – Male 3


1.0 Platinum Reticulated Python

Healthy Captive bred baby Reticulated python for sale. Currently around 16 inches long.

Feeding on live mice weekly.

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KNOW YOUR LAWS and KNOW YOUR ABILITY – Reticulated pythons can and will reach lengths upwards of 15-176 feet long. It is entirely possible for them to break 20 feet in length. These are not a beginner species.

We will not ship a Retic ANYWHERE that it is illegal to possess them. Nor will we ship one to anybody who plans on keeping it illegally. Billing Address = Your address. I will not ship elsewhere.

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Reticulated Pythons for sale at Outback Reptiles. Your favorite Reptile breeder!

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