Emerald Tree Boa – Farmed Baby – Male


Emerald Tree Boa – Farmed Baby – Male


Emerald Tree Boa – Baby

Farmed/Ranched baby import from Suriname. This baby is spectacular looking! Nice pattern and very cool partial-color change tones.

This is a male. Healthy and feeding on fuzzy mice.

He has the typical appropriate temperament one would expect in an Emerald Tree Boa. He does not like handling and should not be handled unless necessary.

I highly discourage the use of glass “tank” enclosures of any kind for Emeralds as the range of conditions in which they work well are specific and narrow. I encourage the use of plastic or wooden enclosures with either a radiant heat panel or a heat pad. For juveniles such as this one, a medium sized rack system can work provided it has enough height for a couple perches.

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